roberta mathes

dedicated to... my students

roberta has devoted much of her life to giving back to those who take class from her. with a personality filled with passion, roberta is the teacher that students love to love.

roberta has a refined resume which includes being on the faculty of American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive in NYC, professional classes at Steps on Broadway and conventions such as Star Systems and co dance. roberta is the current artistic director of beyondance @ bergenPAC and co-founder and co-owner of dance plus…a whole lot more, both located in Englewood, NJ.

a teacher is defined as someone who shares their collective intelligence through resources, insights and practices. roberta’s teaching legacy is her timeless and dynamic approach called the mathes technique. the mathes technique is a formula built on two principles; principle one: the movement is instinctive; the warm up carries through to the choreography and principle two: each student is fine tuned allowing a deep understanding of “the dance.” in other words, the student who “gets” her warm up, nails her choreography. 

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featured below are student success stories she’d like to share.

even without success on Broadway, many of her students take the discipline of dance into other walks of their lives…and thereby are successful.

meredith akins

formerly the assistant dance captain and in the chorus of the original cast of Mama Mia on Broadway. she was an introverted student with an athletic body; she trained with me from the age 10 to 17. today you can see her in the national tour of Wicked and previously in Footloose on tour and broadway.

kelli gautreau

kelli arrived to NYC not knowing anyone but me. along with helping her dance “technique” i gave her a teaching position at my school, hired her on some professional jobs i choreographed, and connected her with her current manager. from there, kelli landed several jobs: a High School Musical tour, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and even the latest videos with cyndi lauper and neyo !!!

sarah atereth

i met sarah when she was 16, became a singer and song-writer. i was her first jazz teacher when she moved to new york city. she had good ballet technique and adapted to my style well, so I continued to mold her to make her the best (jazz) dancer that she could be. since she knew my work, i asked her to assist me at ABT and at The School At Steps which was called the Young Dancers Program at the time  i mentored her and have choreographed some of her live shows and recent videos. check out her website at

lea michelle


a student from my former dance school who had vocal talent and beginners luck! i encouraged her mother to send her on a local audition (actually at the theatre where i am now working) for the broadway production of Les Miserables. she landed the role of young cosette and wow, her career sure blossomed from there: Spring Awakening and now GLEE!

tyce diorio

i met keith (aka: tyce) when he was 14. he actually auditioned for a showcase that i was choreographing. later he took classes with me; we bonded and i influenced him to get better training. he listened and has had an amazing career; Fosse on broadway, Showgirls… and today you can see him on SYTYCD.

alayna simpson

arrived at my school in high school wanting more training… a natural talent and a family in the “biz’. i encouraged her to work on her dance technique. along with being featured in several music videos including artists like Shakira and Faith Evans, she most recently seen on the American Music Awards.